Asset Protection Trust

Asset Protection Trust

Your Will details what you want to happen with your estate when you die. An Asset Protection Trust makes sure it does happen. Your Will stays in place according to your wishes, and, you can update it or change it anytime. Your Asset Protection Trust works alongside your Will and provides protection for your assets.

With no need for Probate, Confirmation in Scotland, for anything thats held inside your Trust, you will leave behind more of your estate for your loved ones, You are the main Trustee of your Trust and remain in control at all times.

You simply place your assets into your Trust, and, continue using them as normal, such as your house, your money, and, your investments.

That means your free to sell your property, spend your money as you want, and, carry on saving or investing, it's that simple. Of equal importance, any property money, or, investments will continue to grow in value whilst held in your Trust. Just imagine a Trust is like a safety deposit box and you hold the keys.

Some advantages of a Trust include, but are not limited to:

No need for Probate or Confirmation, which can amount to between 3 and 5% of the value of your estate, so if your estate was valued at £250,000, you may loose £7,500 to £10,000 in Probate/ Executry fees.

A Trust can avoid your children inheriting at the wrong time by allowing the assets to remain protected within the Trust until they are in a better position to inherit. For example, Matrimonial issues, they wont loose your inheritance to an ex partner. If the fall into financial difficulties their inheritance is ring fenced against creditors. The inheritance that your child receives from your Trust will not prejudice their access to valuable state benefits if required.

People are increasingly remarrying, or establishing new relationships after a life partner has passed. Many times Wills are then rewritten to leave the surviving partners estate to their new partner. The new partner can then, simply disinherit the deceased spouses children. By having a Trust in place this can not happen.

Another benefit of an Asset Protection Trust is that claims against your estate are mitigated. What is stated in your Will is what will happen, ensuring any claims against your estate will be unsuccessful.

All of Lavender Life Planning's Trusts include Free Powers of Attorney's, excluding Office of The Public Guardian Registration Fees.

Contact us today to see how you can ensure that your Assets are fully protected against potential loss, and, that you are able to ensure that your loved ones inherit everything that you intended for them.

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